if the headset is used, can it have built-in headphones so the kid can listen to music during the journey???

thomas bean 2957 Vor Tag(en)

What is proposed for turning?

c. Hammerle 2960 Vor Tag(en)

So thats how it will turn nice......

weaponrey 2983 Vor Tag(en)

hi jeremy, can help but notice on how you would steer the buggy. the drive train can from a golf cart using wheels right. the controls should be like a tank which stops/reverses one track to turn. Does the drive train have the same controls? because i think it doesnt.

weaponrey 2983 Vor Tag(en)

I think the Frame/Baby Cockpit might just require a seatbelt for the baby. I'm thinking something like a small version of the five point racing harness they use in stock car racing and rock crawler compettitions.

Caleb G 3092 Vor Tag(en)

Handle bars that flip from the rear of the vehicle at a lower pivot point (baby facing forward) to the front of the vehicle (baby facing rear). Also, make it an all wheel drive for all terrains.

Derick 3112 Vor Tag(en)

This is taking too long now. At this rate it'll be the end of the year before we see anything real. If episodes are on a monthly timeline at least post some pics or image captures of the design in between episodes. After all this is supposed to highlight the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS, show some VIRTUALWORKS and maybe we can influence the design as it progresses. I'm loosing interest in keeping up with this project... Make it interesting again...

Gmo 3124 Vor Tag(en)

Propulsion needs to be quiet, so it must be electric-driven, no? How about using solar power to run this thing?

JoeC 3125 Vor Tag(en)

For now I think the main decision to take is propulsion system. Way too many questions rise when you include any kind of motor. Something that looks like but isn't irrelevant is: are kids affected by the walking made by their parents? Babies and very young kids response to everything even they don't denote. The design of these types of products, where you have a very uneven age difference in the final users, need very strict and decisive guidelines to reduce a bit the ambiguity of possibilities.

ruben_cm 3126 Vor Tag(en)

The cockpit should be equipped with a squirt or nerf gun to entertain the kid in the cockpit. Maybe this could also be secretly controlled by Dad so he can squirt passer-bys and be able to pass the blame to his child. Another idea would be to have a camera always aimed on the child so Dad can monitor his kid from a flatscreen at the controls. Maybe it could be two-way so the child can see its Dad from a flat screen as well. Obviously having the child face the dad is the simpler approach, but not quite as cool.

Jeff Shaw 3131 Vor Tag(en)

A miniture V8 to drown out the crying. Some chunky tyres. perhaps a mini off road bike or hpi Baja buggy wheels. For steering there are some powerful servo motors available now.

Nick Witcombe 3137 Vor Tag(en)

start with a motorized, ride on fertilizer. Take the bucket off the front and fit it for baby.

kr 3137 Vor Tag(en)

As a father to a 19 month old daughter, there are a few items I'd like to be taken into consideration for this marvellous and worthy project. I would prefer it if the seat faced the parents; when I'm singing daft songs and pulling faces I want to be able to see baby - if she's asleep without me realising I'm just going to look like one of those mentalists who stand in the street shouting at pigeons. Considering the lazy dog owners we have in England, a dog poo radar and automated avoidance system would be most welcome. As would bull-bars on the front and Ben Hur style wheel hub spikes to snap at the annoying ankles of ignorant people who stand blocking the pavement/supermarket aisles then, when you dare to ask them to move, look at you like you've asked them to tap dance wearing flippers while reciting the complete works of Shakespeare. Backwards. I feel ample provision for cup holders should also be provided - one perfectly sized to take a pint glass, mounted on gyroscopic gimbals to reduce risk of spillage for the gentleman, one adjustable to take the ten most popular sized Valium containers for the ladies. Some sort of multi-axis extendable robot arm would also be handy, complete with vision system to hoover up those stray toys and dummies that can get hurled with surprising force and range from such a little body. A retractable baby changing facility would also be appreciated. As would a hermetically sealed nappy bin. A bit like those containment thingies the Ghostbusters used to use. Finally, there should be enough capacity for a knackered Daddy to be able to curl up next to baby, with a friendly switch that when flipped activates the motor and sat-nav pre-programmed with 'home'.

Jase Shaw 3137 Vor Tag(en)

I made a tank stroller for my four month old. Out of a skateboard, a broom, and some cardboard. It has recently been upgraded with a three point harness and 'kill tallies' on the side. He's now six months old and I had to modify to fit him. http://www.youtube.com/fungping1/#p/a/u/1/-pO8dXB3cB8

Oilycog 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Tron bike theme anyone?

Bob T. 3138 Vor Tag(en)

I am thinking make it like a AH-1(G) Cobra gunship with the dad seated and baby ahead but below his vision.

btanis 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Read the posts in the link below..... This could be more than just a Pappie Hotrod, how about an aid for disabled parents too?

Andy M 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Ok, so its been beaten to the punch..... first prototype rolls out..... http://www.core77.com/blog/object_culture/lazy_mom_pushes_stroller_while_on_a_segway_6446.asp

Andy M 3138 Vor Tag(en)

It should have some kind of Deadman breaking/shutdown system also linked to a prox sensor and speed governor system if it is going to get a motor.

Andy M 3138 Vor Tag(en)

I think it should have a screw or hydraulic lift under the baby seat to keep from having to bend over.

Alan 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Stand up position like a segway with a full roll cage in case Dad trips. All terrian tires with a coil over suspension. Heated hand grips, horn and driving lights and cool noise generator that's activated by sonar (i.e. back up sensors in vehicle bumpers). Finally it should be powered by a DC brushless electric motor and power should come from lithium ion battery and off board (to keep weight down) charger.

Shelbymonster 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Okay, first I want a horn and headlights, as I often walk faster than most people, which don't know to move to the side for faster traffic. The lights would make it better to be seen at night, too! Second, I want to ensure the entire stroller isn't going to tip backwards when I get too hot and have to hang my coat on the handle. Extra storage capacity underneath would be beneficial. And a catch plate for the baby's dropped cheerios would help, too! And last, better cup holders for coffee or water bottles is good, too. Now, ideally, I'd like it to have a powered drive with a stand-on plate like you see most lawnmowers use by landscapers. Cruise control with heated grips would be nice. Air shocks for those sidewalks sections that sank would be awesome. Hitting those are worse than hitting a speed bump. Thanks!

Phil M. 3138 Vor Tag(en)

You might want to make this a detachable POD system, that way in case of a high speed conflict, the baby will be protected and not ejected! (also detaching makes it a instant carry on) Keep all components modular, cup holders, arm rest, radio, cell phone cradle, etc.... Awesome.........

RyanTech 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Okay, that's it. Now you're just cluttering up my mailbox. How do I unsubscribe from this nonsense?

Bruce Briggs 3138 Vor Tag(en)

You should be able to detach the buggy from the driver in the event you need a more compact version. This would also make the transport of the stroller/buggy more feasible. If the key is to look cool than you can't be the overweight dad with the awesome buggy. Man power should still be an option.

Jerald 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Let's go Standup with a Segway drive system positioning Dad aft of the baby. This will keep the Stroller sidewalk friendly. The baby seat should a cool racing seat with 5 point harness just in case the little trys to go for the doggy you pass. I think we could incorporate a Ball type drive suspension under the baby and attached to the segway. Like a Dyson Vacuum but with a spring/leaf suspension.

Sparky 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Baby Wingman: - Standing Riding mowers are cool... the ones where the operator platform is a few inches off the ground and the mower and platform rotate around each other. - It would also be cool if the steering, braking and throttle were like the Segway so that pop's can focus on his offspring and looking cooler than any other dad w/o risking a runaway carriage when purchasing a juice box and beer from street a vender. - A telescoping baby bucket is a must, like power line workers. That way Dad, Baby and admiring onlooker can all "hang"... or be burped without interruption. This of course will require side stabilizers to deploy or the base to broaden/wheels to lock. - Last but not least, baby needs a working steering wheel that dad can correct and override like drivers ed. instructors. It's never too young to start drivers ed. and pops can "accidentally" bump into hot nannies and have an excuse that is bound to kill (work well, not cause death) at the park. ***The whole user experience can be summed up as "Dad's little wingman" and should be targeted to recently single fathers.

Josh N. 3138 Vor Tag(en)

I designed and built a Kustom Kiddie trailer (towed behind a bicycle) in 1998 that you may find interesting. http://bikerodnkustom3.homestead.com/aaronb3.html It's completely in line with your project initiative. My feeling was that dad's didn't need to look like deushbags dragging their little grom's in the equivilant of a pup tent on wheels. Kids are cool and the dads should be proud to be rolling with them. The design features a removable carson top, leather tuck n roll bench seat, seat belt, wall to wall carpeting, hooga and wolf whistle horns (for the kid to drive people insane) and enough trunk space for diapers and beer. enjoy!

Aaron B 3138 Vor Tag(en)

Why not a walking unit like the Army's mule. It's all terrain, sure-footed and can climb stairs.

Stu 3138 Vor Tag(en)

A small gas turbine, (greaty muffled to a whisper) generating a charge to super capacitors, titanium frame, nitinol suspension with disc friction shocks.

Fido21 3138 Vor Tag(en)

I think this whole thing is one big accident waiting to happen, but as long as you're going to build it anyway let's put the operator (aka Dad) in this vehicle in a standing position. This allows for greater visibility, both directly in front of the child to reduce collision and greater distance to avoid possible hazards and allow for alteration of the planned route. The baby, naturally, should be horizontal. I would also like to point out that, while the driver should be standing, some allowance should also be made to allow the driver to duck our crouch to avoid hazards such as low tree branches, playground obstacles, and irate mothers with heavy purses he barely manages not to run over.

Bassplayer Engineer 3139 Vor Tag(en)

Shock absorbers are great idea (but are heavy) but should at least have inflatable tires like the jogging strollers, battery powered (like the electric scooters) and with a remote control that some type of flashing light or strobe that could be activated to find the stroller when in a crowded stroller area like Disney. Drink holders and snack holders are a must for child and the adult…

Brian 3139 Vor Tag(en)

I would love to see the stroller with full rubber tracks to make it seriously off road capable, and also capable of climbing up stairs. Make the track frame able to slide out wider for the bush track, and slide in for the footpath. I have trouble getting past the fun of a petrol power plant with endless grunt, for the practicality of a battery powered electric drive, but maybe a compromise might be a light and quiet petrol generator driving the electric motors, which can also use the starter battery for short periods of “electric only” use. The availability of a power source will also make it great for powering the fridge when it gets converted into a golf caddy.

Lindon 3140 Vor Tag(en)

The switch mentioned by Gordon is know as a Dead Man's Switch. It is commonly find on locomotives and even subway trains. If the Motorman lets go; the train comes to a halt.

LZ 3142 Vor Tag(en)

I'm from the pacific northwest so a stroller with off road capability for walking on our trails would be great. Four wheel drive, a suspension that can articulate over tree roots and tires that will grip on slick rock should be a requirement. Also, it rains alot here, maybe a soft top.

Chris 3142 Vor Tag(en)

Jeremy, I think you should try to incorporate a tank tread wheel design. You mentioned it has to be sidewalk "friendly" so it also has to be somewhat compact. Standing while driving this would be the best position. What about going electric motors? The dad can stand on a small platform behind the kid with the threads on the sides of them. That would definitely be all-terrain.

CadShark a.k.a. Blair H. 3142 Vor Tag(en)

The throttle needs to be so that as soon as you let go it comes to a soft stop. The driver must be in control of the speed to keep it moving, too tight a grip and it stops and too loose and it stops. Adding power to the wheels would certainly help getting over loose terrain. Sand is a pain you end up dragging the buggy backwards to get moving. iPod Dock/charger powered by solar panels. drive system should be detachable. a powered dual wheel at the front. Thinking along the lines of a segway drive unit pulling the whole thing. an emergency release for that when it all goes wrong. Standing is a must, sitting down restricts your field of vision too much.

Gordon Stewart 3142 Vor Tag(en)

Think of something like a cross between a wheeled snowmobile and a dog sled. Child sits in the motorized part while the parent walks or rides behind . Steering and engine controls on handles much like a motorcycle. Thus the mother/jogger can just walk or jog pushing the carriage. When dad get home he can take the baby for a fun ride - start the engine, stand on the retractable stands ( which contain the gas and brake controls, they're not needed when walking ) . Shifting on the handles like bicycles. Retractable parent windshield is up to you but helmets should probably be mandatory.

Virgil 3143 Vor Tag(en)

I was wondering about a 2-up stroller with mom/dad as the pilot in a reclined position with the safety seat for the little one in front of them in a parallel position but down and forward. The seat for the infant can snap in and out and be used as a car seat.

Glenburniekid 3143 Vor Tag(en)

It would be cool if the cockpit had roll down windows so the kid inside can roll down the window, tilt his sunglasses, and wink at others as they go by in their strollers. NOTE: toddlers use strollers too, not just babies.

Jeff Shaw 3144 Vor Tag(en)

i think that a good and green idea would be to use bateries or solar panels so that the fumes dont harm the babies, and... gas prices are rising also so it is still cool and intimidating you should put a speaker that makes car sounds, put many diferent options of car sounds like ferrari and mustang

jorge 3144 Vor Tag(en)

Must have smooth running wheels and good shock absorbers, along with straight-running, stable steering. I have a baby and a jogging stroller. The single front wheel always loses stability below about a 8 min/mile (7.5mph) pace...so you have to lock it, which means the steering is an exercise in misery, as you have to pop a wheelie to take a corner....and occasionally have to pop a wheelie to compensate for it pulling to one side like a poorly aligned car on the highway. Must be able to push and steer with one hand while running. Some sort of single-hand steering wheel centered in the back would be cool. Maybe like a tiller on a small sailboat? Not sure what is easiest to grip and control. Shock absorbers, particularly on the front wheel are a must. Hitting a good bump on the sidewalk makes me thankful that the baby is in a five-point harness. Headlights would be cool. And don't forget a point to mount some toys for baby. Bored baby = screaming baby.

Lukas 3144 Vor Tag(en)

This thing must have cruise control. you can get some pretty cool buggies these days with disk brakes and "alloy wheels" (ish). so you neen to go one better with cruise.

Stig 3144 Vor Tag(en)

please keep a moon buggy close to your thoughts. here we would appreciate some 4WD as surfaces vary, definately independant suspension, naturally wide and chunky tyres. Dont worry about the mess when you go inside, someone else will clean it up......

steve kampala 3144 Vor Tag(en)

I forgot; a "wolf whistle" sound effect is also a must and when it's activated a pointing hand incriminates the kid...

Gmo 3144 Vor Tag(en)

Add a Nerf Gun or similar projectile launcher to blast the slow poke ahead and a "tha da da da da"!!! Roach coach (food catering truck) or an 18 wheeler horn; both parent and child controls.

Gmo 3144 Vor Tag(en)

I think it's better to have a seat, but not so low, that would reduce the visibility... it would be better to have a seat high like in bikes... what do you guys think?

Jeferson 3145 Vor Tag(en)

Have you discussed power sources much yet? Consider chopping an ElliptiGO bike and maybe add some regenerative braking and a flywheel

LZ 3149 Vor Tag(en)

Another cool steering idea is using hall effects sensors to have the buggy react to the 'driver' better. I used to work for a medical imaging company and we used those to drive our mobile x-rays.

Chris 3150 Vor Tag(en)

Rather than a joystick, lets drive this from a 3D mouse! Using something like a spacepilot pro we can have shortcut keys to access other stuff. Automated baby shusher, beverage delivery system, keyfab for the garage door, etc. For the suspension I think it's important to know (have kids) that because the terrain varies the suspension should vary. Maybe something like the air bags that are used in the new jeeps or the audi allroads. Must make sure it fits in a standard doorway. My burley doesn't.

Chris 3150 Vor Tag(en)

jeremy please make it customizable then parents can equip the buggy with equipments suitable to the place they are going.

A.H 3150 Vor Tag(en)

In keeping with Jeremy's comment below (that this is to show fun uses of Solid Works on is not intended to be an actuall marketable product), if this is really going to be self propelled I would like to see the stroller reinforced witha a rugged roll cage, but then keep a sleek look by adding a nice looking canapoy, windsheild, and fenders. 5pt harnesses for the kids will be a must.

Jeff Shaw 3151 Vor Tag(en)

I'm thinking something like those full-body elliptical exercise machines you see at the gym. Optional power assist for hills. Integrated GPS and clock. Cell phone holder, head lights, rear view mirror, and a little insulated food & beverage compartment. A transmitter so mom can track location in real-time. Automatic biscuit dispenser to distract pursuing dogs.

Paul 3151 Vor Tag(en)

1. It needs to be solar powers with battery back up that it is green, 2. Whiel the wheels rorate it can also geenrate energy to feed the battery so we can power during day as well as night. 3. ligth reflectors shall always help in the night as well as in day. 4 Impact damage could needs to be protected , so some kind of collpasible materital at areas likeely to be hit needs to be explored. 5. enerty exit must be from the side rather than the front where stoarge areas can be fixed as battery can take the bottom part as it is likely to be heavy. 6 intergateted head protection systm shall help

Dr A S Prakash 3151 Vor Tag(en)

Lets go Green.... 12V DC motor, Direct Drive Motor cycle like throttle control release throtal for auto braking, regenerative motor to recharge battery on downhill or braking. Solar panels on the top sun shield. And a cool optional treadmill drive to keep the parents in shape! And lets give the kid a joystick! (parental control interface optional) Have Fun!!!!

Pete Wood 3152 Vor Tag(en)

I think maybe sensor in hands and auto brakes to stop it if the buggy slip on the rod of any where when mother do not look to it wheel for stirs and motors white light in the front and red in the back to move in the dark fan and heater enough for now :)

AHMED_ELBHJE 3152 Vor Tag(en)

No relation to the Tuitles on OCC

S.B. Tuttle 3152 Vor Tag(en)

Jeremy, can we add a George Jetson like automatic baby diaper changer on this thing?

Cliff 3152 Vor Tag(en)

From my vantage point (no pun intended) standing up allows for safer operation from the 'holy cow there's a fast moving biker dead ahead' vision standpoint (again, no pun intended). Also, in parks with lots of dogs, having a superior position lends the intimidation factor to keep them away from the child. I agree with one of the comments, kids are continually dropping things out of the stroller(I think mainly to see if you will pick them up) making it a little difficult to pick them up if in a seated position. Large diameter wheels - yes. On-demand electric propulsion (not full time) for those big hills. Make that front wheel drive for climbing over obstructions as opposed to ramming into them. On-demand will lessen the battery drain plus if you aren't the diligent type and the battery is dead, you won't be without stroller. Car power stab (cigarette lighter) charging is a must. It may be cool to have the sun/rain cover to be flexible photovoltaics...now we're talking. Oh yes, a thermoelectric cup cooler for dad. After pushing six children around I can tell you sometimes I felt like I was walking a pink poodle with rhinestone collar...a more masculine design would be great.

Odin 3152 Vor Tag(en)

The standing platform can be stowed away for those that prefer to do some exercise at times (keep true to the name "stroller") and preferably can be expanded to accommodate a second (older) child to ride the stroller as well. For all-terrain feature this thing will need a skid plate that can double as a cargo carrier.

Gmo 3152 Vor Tag(en)

I think there are special issues.....I like the idea that if the handle is not gripped the buggy will not roll (dead-man) It would also be great if the position of the baby could be rotated (by baby or parent) to look ahead or at the parent. Sunshade (and rain) is important. adjustment so their little feet can help propel the buggy. convertable to some other use after the baby is to big so it does not wind up in the closet useless (transporter for a cooler or grocerys. (must be cool)

lolleyky 3152 Vor Tag(en)

Guys - this thing needs to be silent (keep the baby sleeping :-)) but powerful. I was thinking on a powerful brushless e-motor powered by LiFePo batteries ....

medialution 3152 Vor Tag(en)

You should make a low dragster type baby carriage with a gas engine. Use a fighter pilots mask for the fumes and make it a high performance all terrain racing machine.

The Shredder Team 3153 Vor Tag(en)

It needs to be strong enough to hold a full grown man, just in case. Here is the music for the project, featuring car guy Jeff Beck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adbGT8Rg9OE

SandMan 3153 Vor Tag(en)

I will have to look at the Facebook page when I get home, but am excited to see this projects progress and completion. I do not understand what the uproar is about this project. The other two projects are show pieces and designed as one-offs. It is a show piece, not an actual market product. I voted for the standing position but realize there is a little weight distribution problem that must be overcome if you want responsive steering capabilities. There are ways to overcome this, but I can think of some designs that could be awesome in a sitting position, though it is too late to change my vote. Though, after seeing the link (in the comments) in the forums, I think the spiffy wheel covers and decals are a must now.

C.D. 3153 Vor Tag(en)

Jeremy Love the idea - fun, innovative and doesn't have to comply with all the OTT boring laws and regulations! This is really thinking outside of the box! I can't wait to see how this develops John

John R 3153 Vor Tag(en)

Yikes Jeremy, what were you guys thinking......maybe the rumble of a mini V8 under would vibrate the kids to sleep? Mine are all too old now, so the desire isn't there, how about a segway conversion kit? the reason for me voting for the standing position is for quick response. If you are sitting down, it's much more difficult to get out and tend to child. Anyone with experience with strollers know that things are always being dropped.

johnm 3153 Vor Tag(en)

Totally irresponsibile and unnecessary. A product liability Law Suit waiting to happen! How would this thing be loaded in the cargo hold of an airplane for traveling parent convenience. If you must persist, include an earthquake proof nuclear powerplant or a desiel turbo engine for propulsion. Do some research: http://pregnant.thebump.com/pregnancy/baby-registry/articles/top-10-strollers.aspx

DRJ 3153 Vor Tag(en)

Thanks for the episode! I will be father for the first time and this is perfect for me! P.D. I would like some render's EB² / Santiago de los Caballeros / Dominican Republic.

Ernesto Breton² 3153 Vor Tag(en)


steamroller 314 3155 Vor Tag(en)

3 large wheel design using tube or tubeless tires, chain pedal power with (5 speed) could be optional standing or sitting for operator. full suspension on all 3 wheels with disk brakes all 3 wheels and emergency brake. extra padded leather seat/recliner for baby with (5 point safety harness) and roll bar. must have bike bell and cup holders. some options audio and flat screen for baby, snack tray, baby seat facing forward or rearward. please send all patent royalties to me. thanks (keep me posted)

cruuzn 3155 Vor Tag(en)

When standing, make a riding platform similar to a commercial lawn mower. Standing like a dog sled will require the dad to trot or run, and he may fall down. I think that the stroller may be going slightly too fast to run behind...

ChrisG 3155 Vor Tag(en)

If the dad is going to ride, then it's a go cart, not a baby buggy. I work in the juvenile products industry, and there is a lot of variety in baby strollers. Plus there are are lot of industry standards that have to be met. All over the world there are teams of designers trying to design the next cool stroller. So you're taking on more than what you think. But then again, you're not designing a stroller, you're designing a go-cart.

Jim Dillner 3156 Vor Tag(en)

I have two young kids and am an Mechanical Engineer. Every time I use one of our strollers, I think of how I could design a better one. I see that most people are voting for the stand-up stroller. I think this is because it would make the stroller smaller and more realistic to move around. My wife and I lived in Japan for a while and used the train system daily with our first child. I thought it would be great to have a fold up stroller that wouldn't require me to dump the contents out of the under-storage each time i folded it up to board a train. It would be great if a stroller could be folded up into a backpack and the storage compartment would always remain the same size. Another design consideration is that a stroller must be very mobile. I now live near Seattle and struggle to push a two seater stroller through Pikes Place market. The reason for strollers is to conveniently take the kids wherever you go. As a family we have also spent a lot of time in San Diego and usually get a season pass to the zoo there. The San Diego zoo is very hilly, so some brakes would be nice, and some propulsion to get the kids up the hills. Also, you can never guarantee a sunny day living in Washington, and the sun canopies don't quite cut it in the rain and wind. A tight enclosure, possibly equipped with heat would be awesome as well. I know the ideas above are scattered but I thought it would be useful to get a few ideas from a real parent who uses strollers.

Jeff Shaw 3157 Vor Tag(en)

The creativity of you guys never ceases to amaze me! That baby is going to have a need for speed! ("I wanna go fast!!"- Talledega Nights)

Laura H. 3157 Vor Tag(en)

As I have had three daughters and three different strollers, I can understand the need(maybe. Desire? Definitely) for a new, cooler design. One big design flaw in the first two strollers we had was the inability to steer or maneuver easily. The last stroller we had was a MicraLite Fastfold, and it was smooth in fluid turning, but the front wheels being only about 4" in diameter caught about everything larger than a housefly to stop against. The larger rear wheels (10" diameter) are awesome for the all terrain approach as they used a tube instead of an injection molded wheel. Lightweight and decent suspension are the must though. Are you thinking an electric motor for propulsion? It would allow for quiet travel but they battery could severely add to your overall weight.

C. D. 3157 Vor Tag(en)

Jeremy a V-Twin is a great idea lets use it How about 1 or 2 head lights Fog lights and some funky tail lights Lets have the father stand up in the back like a dog sled

S.B. Tuttle 3157 Vor Tag(en)

In addition to suspension to ease the bumps, what if the child was held in a multi-axis cradle so no matter what orientation the buggy was in, the kid would always be level. The system could double as a roll cage, too!

Bails 3157 Vor Tag(en)

It's a shame this is what I do for a living and can't help CRUD!!!!

Brian 3157 Vor Tag(en)

add agu_s77@yahoo.co.id

agus 3157 Vor Tag(en)

That was awesome Jeremy! Get start to the show. The footage at Factory Five was awesome and the stuff at the park was funny. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

Mad Dog 3157 Vor Tag(en)

Awesome! What a great idea. My kids are a bit older now, but I would have loved one of these. PS. Jeremy, are there kids on the way? :-)

Jeff 3157 Vor Tag(en)

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